hello angels! i'm ophanim. i'm a hobbyist game dev and artist. feel free to support me on kofi or buy a commission.

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remember to read my tos!

in order to buy my art, please email me at [email protected] you can also contact me on discord at ophanim#7466. i accept payment via paypal and kofi!

$15 for blinkies

animated blinkies
$20 for animated blinkies (simple movement only)

$18 for blushies
blinking, blushing, and mouth movement are all permitted

thigh up
$30 for half body
+ $10 per additional character
+ $10 for complex backgrounds

full body
$40 for full body
+$10 per additional character
+ $10 for complex backgrounds

outfit sheets
$50 two digital outfits (base price)
$30 two pixel outfits (base price)
additional $7 for each outfit.

terms of service

  • I will post the commission online or include it in my examples unless you ask me not to.

  • I will only give refunds before I start on the artwork.

  • my artwork is for personal use. commercial work is open but prices must be negotiated with me.

  • I am set on finishing the artwork within 30 days. If something occurs and i am unable, I will contact you.

  • I send the sketch. Ask me for major changes at the end of the sketch stage as I won't do major edits after that. i send the flat colors as well to make sure everything is correct. the fully shaded piece can have minor edits, but please nothing big.

  • I do not mind being contacted throughout the process and being asked for updates.

  • If you have looked through my style and have reservations on whether or not I can draw your character, please message me! We can discuss it.

  • i accept payment via paypal or kofi. if the commission you'd like is not, available through the kofi commission modal. i can make it available for you.

will not do

  • feral / less humanoid anthros

  • mecha / complex armor

  • NSFW

  • fetish

i'm ophanim but i go by many different names in many circles.

i like code, game development, art, and talking to people. bring that the old web.
if you want to talk, feel free to ask for my discord. i'm online quite often!